Spring Roll Vegan
$ 6.09
Crafted with wheat wrappers enfolding an array of vegetables, spices, and other plant-based ingredients, each bite offers a flavorful journey. Accompanied by a dipping sauce and a fresh salad, it promises a satisfying and wholesome culinary experience.
Spicy French Fries
Crispy golden potato fries seasoned with various types of spices
Stuffed Cracker (Vegan)
Deep-fried stuffed cracker: Within each, a tantalizing blend of different greens, mushrooms, and other savory delights awaits discovery, inviting exploration of the flavorful treasures tucked away within their crispy exteriors. An alternative to samosa
French Fries
Crispy golden potato fries.
Alu Paratha
Flatbread with potato filling, served with salad and alu-ko-aachar
Traditional fried pastry with savory filling consisting of potatoes, green peas etc
Momo House Combination Plate
Combo with 5 Momos (chicken, vegan, or tofu), 2 samosa, and 2 O-Marie.
O-Marie (Bara)
Lentil-based Newari dish with fresh ginger, garlic, and a hint of pepper.
Fried Tofu Momo
Crispy MoMo made with tofu and Nepali spices
Fried Vegan Momo
Crispy vegan MoMo with cabbage, carrot, potatoes, and herbs
Tofu MoMo
MoMo made with tofu and authentic Nepali spices.
Vegan MoMo
Vegan MoMo made with cabbage, carrot, potatoes, and Nepali herbs.