MoMo Sundae
$ 8.49
Fried Chocolate MoMo set in a bowl of Ice Cream. Perfect for some relaxation.
Gulab Jamun (lalmon)
$ 3.99
Gulab jamun is a popular Indian dessert made of deep-fried milk solids, often served in a sugar syrup and flavored with cardamom or saffron. Served cold or warm. 4 piece in a single order
Pan Fried Bison MoMo Copy
Pan-fried Bison MoMo with aromatic herbs
Bison MoMo
MoMo with locally sourced Bison and herb seasoning.
Chocolate MoMo
$ 6.89
MoMo with chocolate and shredded coconut filling
Jhol (Soup) Momo
MoMo floating in a thick soup with soybean, tomatoes, and spices.
Fried Tofu Momo
Crispy MoMo made with tofu and Nepali spices
Fried Vegan Momo
Crispy vegan MoMo with cabbage, carrot, potatoes, and herbs
Fried Chicken Momo
Crispy fried MoMo with ground chicken and Nepali herbs.
Pan Fried Lamb Momo
Pan-fried lamb momos with aromatic herbs.
Lamb MoMo
MoMo with New Zealand lamb and herb seasoning.
Tofu MoMo
MoMo made with tofu and authentic Nepali spices.
Vegan MoMo
Vegan MoMo made with cabbage, carrot, potatoes, and Nepali herbs.
Chicken MoMo
Nepali MoMo with locally sourced ground chicken, flavored with ethnic Nepali herbs.